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As a professional design and creative agency, we've spent almost 20 years learning about consumer mindsets and the most effective visual communication methods to reach them.

The most important thing we've learned is Customers do, in fact, come first.

You hear it all the time. You may have even begun to doubt whether anyone really believes it anymore?

Think back to your last customer service experience. Was the cashier friendly, or just counting the seconds until shift change? 

The antidote is on the Farside.

As an antidote to your countless experiences with rude servers, long lines and endless “please hold for customer support” we're out to prove that the best way to do business - is to get back to the basics. We will deliver an exceptional project, at a fair price in a timely manner.

Service with a smile.

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Laura Paulson Owner & Principal Designer L.Paulson Interior Design

“As an interior designer, I am always thrilled when I contract with other creative people who “get it”, and Derek certainly does! He was able to take my rough concept with several different images and create a seamlessly integrated final product that was beyond my expectations. His high standards and attention to detail is apparent in all that he does. Thank you Derek!”

Crista Bartholomew Owner & Principal Designer Crista Bartholomew Interior Designs

“Derek did a fantastic job on a variety of projects for my business.  I was in need of a logo, presented him with some basic sketches and he offered some incredible suggestions!!  Most importantly, his creative vision and alternative designs dramatically improved the initial impression people have of my business!  His logo design helped to establish web presence and secure my goal to accomplish a corporate image on a small business budget!  The design was perfect and will be something I can utilize for many years into the future!”


“Derek completely revised and modernized the image for the MN ASID Sample Sale.  He designed all of the print media for the sale from our newspaper ads, flyers, postcards and IMS posters.  The logo he designed brought the sale a contemporary feel!  All of it was designed on a tight budget and he always went above the call of duty to ensure our deadlines were met.”

Ron Schlangen, Entrepreneur

"Derek produced the entire product packaging for my new invention, a kids

game. He produced great graphics for the wonderful ideas he came up with

that resulted in the actual packaging. Derek is a great listener which

results in us being on the same page throughout the process. I would

recommend him to anyone who needs a little help or someone like me who

needed a lot of help in his area of expertise."